Turn to the Leader Head Specialists

Get leader head installation services in Los Angeles, CA

Leader heads are essentially water catch basins. They're funnel-shaped features that connect gutters to downspouts, allowing water to flow from your rooftop to your underground drainage system. Rain Gutter Hero can handle all of your leader head installation and replacement needs in the Los Angeles, CA area. We'll install stylish, effective leader heads that will help protect your home and landscaping from water damage.

We can replace your old, leaky leader heads right away. Contact us today to schedule leader head services.

See what our local gutter repair company can do for you

See what our local gutter repair company can do for you

Rain Gutter Hero provides leader head services in Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas. Don’t worry if your leader heads are leaky or rusted. Our services include:

  • New construction leader head installation
  • Leader head replacement
  • Leader head repair

Don’t put off your leader head replacement another day. Call 310-533-7730 now to arrange for leader head installation or replacement services.